In the murder of unborn children, commonly called “abortion,” the issue is – when does life begin?

Think for a minute. Do you consider a baby to be a person one day before he is born? Of course you do. What about one week or one month before birth? Again, in our knowledge and experiences, we must consider babies as persons at these time periods. And, it does not stop there. What about two or three months prior to birth? You see, everyone agrees the baby is an actual person in the womb. Does the baby in the womb begin as something else, then become a person later? Who gets to decide when life begins? Who has ultimate authority in this matter?

The only answer is the Creator, the Lord God Almighty. Does the Lord in His word mention the baby in the womb as a person? Yes, the Bible says God called Jeremiah from his mother’s womb (Jere.1:5). In fact, God actually says, “before I formed you in the womb, I knew you…” (1:5). Incredible! This means the baby is a person very early in the birth process, yes, even from conception. Since God is Creator (Psalm 139:13,14), then He and only He, has the right to state when life begins. Yes, there are men and women who feel otherwise. They think that since a baby at some stages is not capable of living (viable) outside the womb then he cannot be considered a person. In response, first, we ask, is the baby growing? Yes, he is growing. If he is not growing, there would be no issue. So, since what’s inside the womb is growing, then there are only three choices: animal, vegetable or human. Who is willing to suggest either of the first two options? Second, God says the baby is a person and His wisdom is far above ours (Isa.55:8-11).

The same principle holds true in spiritual life. Spiritual life is the result of obtaining forgiveness, peace and purpose through Jesus Christ. Who has the final say on when spiritual life begins? Of course, only God our Savior has that sort of authority (Matt.28:18). And, He states in his word that after one is baptized into the death of Jesus for the remission of sins, He then receives “newness of life” (Romans 6:4). Men may dispute this conclusion, yet the word of Christ is the ultimate and final authority.

We are indeed eternally grateful for Him who provides both physical and spiritual life. No wonder Peter referred to the Lord Jesus as the “Author of Life” (Acts 3:15).
Let us take heed and share this vital message.

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David Barker

David Barker

David is the pulpit minister for Midway Church of Christ in Trinity, Alabama. A 1989 graduate of Faulkner University, he has been a preacher of the gospel for more than 25 years.
David Barker

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