Though God’s plan does not place women in official leadership positions (I Tim.2:8-12), nevertheless, Christian ladies can and should become powerful influences for the Lord.

For example, Deborah urged Barak to lead forces against Jabin, Sisera and the Canaanite army.  The Canaanites had a massive military with 900 chariots and enough manpower to keep Israel under oppression for over 20 years (Judges 4:1-3). Yet, she says to Barak, “Up, this is the day the Lord has given Sisera into our hands. Does not the Lord go before us?” (Judges 4:14). Notice her words of courage. Though the battle had not begun, yet the victory was assured. The victory before them was a gift from God, which could only be received by obedient faith. With the Lord in front, the path is sure. May we go forward with same type of boldness for Christ’s church today!

Moreover, think of the church in Philippi, one of strongest churches in the New Testament. The beginnings of that congregation involved Lydia, an honest and religious woman. According to Acts 16:11-15, she heard the saving gospel spoken by Paul, which led the Lord to open her heart, and, having received the message, she and her household was baptized for the remission of sin. Lydia immediately started opening her home for Paul and other gospel workers (Acts 16:40). Her actions led to even more response to the gospel in that region.

Many other Christian ladies could be mentioned in this regard. But, to a lady today desiring to be who God wants her to be, what are some concrete steps that must be taken? Listening to the apostle Peter (I Peter 3:1-4), here are a few.

  • Respect and serve the people around you. Peter mentions wives being in subjection to their husbands (3:1). Whatever positions you hold, work and serve in an enthusiastic and godly manner.
  • Make sure your example for Christ is blameless. Among those we serve daily, we cannot constantly hound them with the gospel. But we can make sure we shine brightly for Jesus, in our words, in our faith, in love, in purity, in the clothes we wear, in the habits we form, in our passion for worshipping and working in the Lord. Again, Peter – addressing wives whose husbands are not yet Christians – says the idea is for their husbands to behold and be won through their manner of life coupled with fear (3:1-2). Yes, it can happen!
  • Your life must absolutely and obviously be about matters of the soul. Peter says our emphasis must not be on what we wear or put on the body.  Rather, the meek and quiet is precious in the sight of the Lord (3:3-4)

With the words of scripture ever before us, both women and men can impact the world for Christ Jesus our Lord.

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David Barker

David Barker

David is the pulpit minister for Midway Church of Christ in Trinity, Alabama. A 1989 graduate of Faulkner University, he has been a preacher of the gospel for more than 25 years.
David Barker

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