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About Bill Becker

Bill had the great fortune to have a friend who shared the gospel of Christ with him many years ago. Leaving his adult occupation in 1980, he chose to become a preacher and was blessed from 1982 to the present time to serve congregations in Louisiana, Texas, and Alabama. He currently serves the New Antioch Church of Christ in Hillsboro, Alabama. The journey through those years allowed him to pursue biblical studies at various schools along the way. His favorite book of the Bible is Daniel, although he holds great affection for all the others. Dominica (Caribbean), Ghana West Africa, and Ukraine represent his time in foreign mission work with the greater emphasis having been in Ghana on yearly trips there for twelve years. Bill and Reta, his wife of 40 years, both enjoy travel when the time permits, especially when it entails visits with their grandchildren. Additionally, he is a longsuffering fan of the NFL Saints.