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Christopher is a graduate of Auburn University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in electrical engineering. He and his wife Alison live in a tiny town in North Alabama. Within the church, Christopher’s areas of focus include apologetics and church membership and growth. Aside from his commitment to the gospel of Christ, Christopher’s other interests include football, sci-fi and cooking, and he is a prolific reader.
14 Jun. 2017

Bible Names: Joshua

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From spying out the Promised Land, to crossing the Jordon River, to the battles during the conquest of Canaan, Joshua lived to see God's saving power on multiple occasions.

17 May. 2017

Bible Names: Abraham

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In Jesus' time, few men were held in as high esteem as Abraham, father of the Jews. In fact, Jesus often used Abraham's righteousness against the Pharisees, who fell short of his example, such as in John 8:34-40. To Abraham God granted visions (Gen. 15:1), a son (Gen. 15:14), and a land (Ex. 6:8). It [...]

22 Feb. 2017

The Offseason

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It’s a shame, but many religious people have this view of Christianity. They’ll live for Christ for a little while, then drift off and take a break, then maybe come back eventually. Living like this, it’s tough to be faithful to God.