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3 Jun. 2016

Does God Take Attendance?

By |2016-10-15T13:33:51-05:00June 3, 2016|

The idea that church attendance is not very important would have seemed strange to the early Christians. Acts 2 shows us that the church met in some form every day, which resulted in an explosive growth of the church. Maybe the church is not growing in our day as it was then because people aren't as devoted to worship and study as they were.

1 Jun. 2016


By |2016-10-15T13:33:51-05:00June 1, 2016|

One area I think the church is presently struggling with is how we deal with this major cultural shift that has occurred in the past decade regarding marriage.

11 Jan. 2016

I will, after…

By |2016-03-01T10:24:31-06:00January 11, 2016|

Satan doesn’t care how good our intentions are as long as no constructive action takes place.