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22 Mar. 2016

Logic Quick Guide

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What is an argument? To work in conjunction with the Restore Podcast (Episode: Debate In Evangelism) in which Chris and I give a quick introduction to rhetoric, reasoning, and logic, I’ve decided to do something a little different this week.

10 Nov. 2015

Fitting In

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In so many ways, there is a strain between two extremes in the church about how “modern” we should be. Debates rage between congregations or even members within those congregations about where the line between human tradition and Biblical commands actually lies.

3 Nov. 2015

Winning the Fight

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It is not always the stronger or faster man with the best sword who wins, but the more skilled swordsman. Similarly, the wiser or more knowledgeable man doesn’t always win an argument, even when armed with the truth. It is skill with the art form that more often determines the outcome of the conflict.