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25 May. 2016

Sing with the Understanding: Hallelujah, Praise Jehovah

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Sing with the Understanding is a series of articles by Christopher James to examine and break down some of our favorite church hymns and devotional songs. By learning the origins and scriptural meaning behind the songs we sing, we can better teach and admonish others while increasing our knowledge of the praise we give to God.

27 Nov. 2015

The “I want it to be true so bad it has to be true” Principle of Science (Part 2)

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We can see that belief in a non-creationist view of life is adhered to and applauded, at least in part, because of a deep-rooted wish to not acknowledge and non-conform to one who has provided, not only the physical universe, but also a system of morality which He expects man to keep.