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29 Jan. 2016

Without Excuse, Part 4

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One popular disparaging way of referring to God is to describe Him as “God of the gaps.” This is done in an attempt to portray faith in God as being simply a way to explain things which science has yet to illuminate. But, the person who smugly comments about “science eventually overcoming the need for faith” doesn’t understand the foundations of science or the nature of logic.

15 Jan. 2016

Without Excuse, Part 2

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“The wind might create a letter in the sand, but not a poem. That's the point. God acted. God planned. God designed. God crafted. He created and made. And in doing that, Paul says in verse 19, God made himself evident to all mankind. The universe is a poem about God.”

27 Nov. 2015

The “I want it to be true so bad it has to be true” Principle of Science (Part 2)

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We can see that belief in a non-creationist view of life is adhered to and applauded, at least in part, because of a deep-rooted wish to not acknowledge and non-conform to one who has provided, not only the physical universe, but also a system of morality which He expects man to keep.